Super Bowl Party

This years Super Bowl was played by the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.  Green Mountain Students were invited to the Gorge in Withey where they could enjoy the game on a wide screen through a projector.  There was more than enough food and the always entertaining commercials that air during the game breaks.

My favorite commercial was on a pair of running shoes.  Please see the below video for the actual commercial.

In regards to the game, in the first half, the Ravens looked as though they would blow out the 49ers.  Yet in the second half, the 49ers went on a 17-0 run and were right back in the game.  The 4th quarter was a close fight and the Ravens ended up on top (34-31).  None the less, the game was well fought and grew more and more exciting as the time ran out.

The party was well attended, roughly 50-60 people at one point.  The fans were mostly rooting for the Ravens, but there were some 49er fans and others who were just there for the commercials.  In all, the party was a nice opportunity for sports fans and curious students alike to get together and enjoy their Sunday evening.

~Andrew O’Neill



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