Dimensions of Music

       Here at Green Mountain students take Environmental Liberal Arts courses. There are the four ELA Core Courses which include Images of Nature, Voices of Community, Dimensions of Nature, and A Delicate Balance. Besides these courses, there are numerous courses that students can choose from to fulfill the seven categories which includes: Aesthetic Appreciation, Human Systems, Examined Life, Historical Contexts, Moral Reasoning, Natural Systems, and Quantitative Analysis.

       This semester, to fulfill the aesthetic appreciation category I took Dimensions of Music. The course is taught by Professor James Cassarino who is involved in numerous music events, clubs, etc. on campus. The course is one that is very interesting and allows students with no musical background to learn about music and its history, and develop an appreciation for the theory and complex structures that make up music.  

        We listen to numerous pieces of music from different composers of different time periods. We listen mostly to Western music as this course focuses on the philosophy of Western music.

Here is a one of the musical pieces that we listened to. It is one that I am a big fan of…

       This is the last part of Hector Burlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique. He was a famous French composer. This is one of many types of musical works that we examined, analyse, and discuss as a class. Right now, we just started looking the history/development of music starting with Pythagoras of Ancient Greece. From there, we will look at Plato with other Greek thinkers of the time, then move on to the middle ages, to the Renaissance/reformation, and so on.

       I am looking forward to learning more as the course progresses. This is yet another aspect of GMC that separates it from other post-secondary institutions across the United States. The ELA courses here at Green Mountain allow students to look at academics and the world in a different light, and it is the first to do so in such a way.


       I highly recommend this course to all students. If you see this course offered, do not hesitate to enroll in it. You will greatly benefit from the experience and you will always be interested in the class and the work that is assigned. It is by no means a boring class. This is one of the most interesting classes I have taken at Green Mountain College so far!

                  take care,


               Matthias Baudinet




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