Take a Walk

Sometimes just being a member of society can feel overwhelming with its dogmas, norms, and expectations. As a college student sometimes I feel swamped with what’s expected of me from my courses, social life, sports, clubs, financies, health, and the existential questions of who do I want to be and what am I going to do with this one percious life I have. 

When I first visited the GMC campus, I was taken aback by how small and remote it is. At first I thought I would be bored out of my mind when I was done with classes and school work. But four years ago when I was in the addmissions office I thought, “Maybe this smallness and remoteness is a blessing; maybe it’s a unique opportunity to really confront myself and not be distracted in the way that I would at a big university in the middle of a city or big college town.”

Throughout my time here at GMC, I’ve found that hypothesis to ring true. Today was one of those days where I felt swamped and detached from myself and the deeper existential questions of why am I even doing what I’m doing. I took a walk out on the Rail Trail; I had space to be alone and commune with nature. The wide openess, unfettered by people and stresses, allowed me to open my mind and ground me back to reality beyond constructed realities and dogmas. Immediately, I was grateful for the opportunity to be at a school where I had the luxury to experience solitude and nature. I didn’t have to try to find peace in a public park littered with people. I could actually escape the destractions and have one on one time with myself. 

For me, GMC is a place for people who want more than just a degree. I’ve found GMC to be a place where people are legitmately concerned about the existential questions of who am I, who do I want to be, and what do I want to contribute. We’re not a big school, in a big city with lots of distractions. We’re students deliberatly learning to craft our art; our art is our life. 

-By Taylor Conley 


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