Men’s Basketball Strokes

With the basketball season winding down, the men’s team has only just found their best form of the year. This past weekend the men fell to the mighty Castleton State squad in a crushing 87-89 game. Carnelius Green, who has been the team’s MVP thus far through the season, missed a buzzer beating 3-point attempt for the win. Regardless of the outcome, this was possibly the best game they have played in this trying season. The team showed up to play and displayed resiliency unlike any other as they hung tough with the Castleton team. They came into the game as underdogs, and left as virtual equals by leaving it all out on the court; hard work, sweat, and heart.

Unfortunately all of this was just not enough to lock up the win against Castleton, but it was in the week prior. Last week the men’s team found themselves in dire need of a win and they stepped up to the call against a formidable Maine Maritime team. It was closely contested all throughout but when push came to shove, it was the leader, Carnelius Green, again who stepped up to make the big shot. Last possession of the game, five seconds left, the ball on the opposition’s side of the court, and down two points. The ball gets inbounded to Carnelius, the whole audience on their feet. The building was split between those cheering and those holding their breath. Then he took the shot: Swish. The 3-pointer goes and the crowd loses it.

It has been a streaky year for our team, and not too many wins to carry us through the season so this one was monumental for us. Not only was this a conference win for our team: it was the fashion in which we won that made it so magical. Moments like this do not occur too often, and the GMC crowd at the game sure didn’t take it for granted. We loved every second of the glory after the game.

We now look to continue to stay hot as the season winds down. But evermore, we continue to look at the future. It was just last year that our team was filled with freshman and the potential for great things. This year they grew together and are establishing greatness within themselves. Next year they will solidify as one complete team and prove to the conference that GMC cannot be overlooked: we are contenders once more.


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