Riots and Protest in European History

     Riots and Protest in European History is a class that I am currently taking here at Green Mountain College. I try to take as many history classes as I can since these are the classes that I find the most interesting. The history professors here are devoted to their jobs and have the ability to make history a passion among their students. This class is taught by Matthew Osborn and compared to other history classes, it has a good number of enrolled students (25).

     History allows us to learn from our ancestors and become aware of our origins, as well as how to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. This class trails the development of the rise of the peasant class until the explosion of the French Revolution, and how that has influenced present and contemporary issues. We look at why people protest, riot, and revolt, including what causes them to take to the streets and defy authority. The class is mostly lecture based, which is how all history classes should be in my opinion. Every Friday we have student-led discussions that allow students to analyze that week’s readings. The professor is a facilitator in this.


      The class is also very interesting because we don’t always plunge our noses into books. We some times look at YouTube videos which include short, funny, and concise historically accurate videos. This allows students to get a little laugh in between the essays and hundreds of pages to read. The class does include a fair amount of reading, with about two major essays to write throughout the entire semester. The essays involve a lot of research, but most of the time it involves writing on a subject that you are interested in and passionate about.

      Research and reading are at the core of history and expanding one’s knowledge of history. Right now, we are looking at the beginning of the French Revolution and the origins of this massive revolution.


Here is an example of the type of comical, yet accurate history youTube videos that we watch.







      The history program at Green Mountain is one that is very underrated and deserves more recognition for there are extremely intelligent students that belong to this program. I always recommend history classes because they truly benefit your writing and reading skills, and you get to have classes with some of the best professors on campus when it comes to true liberal arts studies.


      Take care and be safe! And remember, history is written by those who have hanged heroes!



     Matthias Baudinet



36 thoughts on “Riots and Protest in European History

  1. This time for good. Anti-semitism it´s now not only openly tolerated but nurtured by European elites and media. Instead of helping muslims adapt and adjust to embrace european values of democracy, tolerance and respect for the individual. The stupid european establishment is nurturing an even more violent stream of Islam right at home. A european Islam that will eventually turn on Europeans themselves violently and will destroy their societal values and ways of life.


  2. This time for good. Anti-semitism it´s now not only openly tolerated but nurtured by European elites and media. Instead of helping muslims adapt and adjust to embrace european values of democracy, tolerance and respect for the individual


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  4. Very well written! I've always thought that the European history is the most interesting one of all. I also like your approach to history in general. It's very difficult to find something interesting if you're only looking at books. I mean, I like books, but reading about history from them wasn't the funnest thing to do. Just when I thought I remembered something, it went straight to the gutter. Keep up the good work you're doing!


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