Sophomore Representative

    Just yesterday I was elected as the new Sophomore representative by the Student Senate. The opening was announced to me and I decided that I wanted to take part in the political aspects of Green Mountain College. I believe that this is a very important position because I am basically the voice of my class in the Senate. I need to be able to reflect the needs and address any issues that my class has and bring them to our weekly meetings. I am very honored in having this role and I will finally be able to bring about the change that I think this school needs.

     One of my first duties as Sophomore representative is to organize and plan a Sophomore bash for the second-year class. Right now I am thinking of organizing a semi-formal dinner or planning a trip to the Rutland Ice Skating Rink. Of course, more ideas are in my mind, but for now, these are the two that are the most solid. I will be in contact with all my fellow-class mates to get their opinion in this matter, because after all, this is what my position is all about…to represent the needs/desires of the students in my class.

    My good friend and Student Senate president Asadullah Sohail is part of the committee to plan the sophomore bash. This event will play a big role in finally bringing together the Sophomore class and give a chance to have everyone meet each other.

     In my opinion, surveys need to be put out to the students of each respective class so that they can voice their opinion in terms of what events they want to see happen in the future. This is exactly what I will do. Many of my friends in my class have stated in the past that they wanted to see something of this sort.

     I was also thinking of organizing film nights just for the sophomore class, but this could be expanded to include the whole campus. But there will certainly be an event that only includes the sophomore class. I think that it is very important that we, the students who were elected to have the positions that we have now, to make our respective classes feel unique and be able to dinstinguish ourselves from the just the “crowd of GMC.”


      If any sophomores wish to personally send me an email with ideas for our sophomore bash, that would be great! But other wise, I will send out an email to all the sophomores at Green Mountain to officially introduce myself and ask them what they want to see for an event exlusive to the Class of 2015.

     Take care,

          Matthias Baudinet


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