The Dance Flurry! -by Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

This past weekend I had an incredible dancing experience that I will share with all of you! This weekend I went to the Dance Flurry in Saratoga Springs in City Center. The Flurry is a weekend long dancing convention that people come to from all over the country! Our very own contra-dancing club here at GMC came for the weekend as well!

The Flurry occurs in the gigantic Hilton Hotel in the middle of Saratoga, taking up an entire block. Every year people book hotel rooms for the weekend of the Flurry months (or almost an entire year) in advance just to ensure rooming for the event!

Now this is hard to imagine, but within the hotel, every single room is filled with a different type of dance or dance workshop or musical performance! Every style of dancing ranging from contra, swing, salsa, disco, zydeco, capoeira, clogging, indian stick, tap, hip-hop, jazz, lindy-hop, cajun, waltz, english country and much much more! My reason for attendance was to dance and perform with The Vanaver Caravan, a dance institute I’m a part of at home, but I learned so much through all of the workshops I was able to attend. This is an incredible way to experience different cultures and art-forms from around the world in the one beautiful city of Saratoga. I highly recommend everyone check it out next february!


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