Sustainable Food Systems Masters Program Residency

This week the graduate students from Green Mountain’s Masters in Sustainable Food Systems (MSFS) program have been on campus for their annual residency. The residency began with the NOFA-VT winter conference in Burlington, during which graduate students attended workshops and networking sessions. Afterward they came back to the GMC campus for a week of intensive coursework with GMC professors and this year’s scholar in residence, Helene York, who was the director of purchasing and strategy for Bon Appétit foodservice and now manages the company’s account with Google Café.

The residency gives students in the online MSFS program the opportunity to meet face to face and build meaningful connections with each other and the GMC faculty. The program is designed in such a way that working professionals can fit it into their lives without having to give up a job or move by using a bioregional approach that allows students to apply the coursework to their own local environments, no matter where in the country they live. Students come to this program with a wide range of interests and experience, from micro dairies, CSA farms, and urban homesteads to orchards and permaculture centers. This diversity of views helps the program maintain the GMC dedication to thoughtful inquiry and exploring deep insights.


Green Mountain has two other online Masters Degree programs: the Sustainable MBA and a Masters of Science in Environmental Studies. All of these programs incorporate GMC’s unique approach to environmental education with the students’ own strengths and interests, helping to create a course of study that will prepare graduates for the professional world.


Written by: Alison E. Putnam


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