Midterm Exams

Midterm week is over and midterms grades are due the week that we come back. To think that we are already halfway through the semester…it is absolutely crazy how fast time has passed. From the first day of classes in January to now, students have worked extremely hard so that they would be able to succeed come midterm week. For myself, I believe that I have succeed in my midterms. I hope everyone else had the same success.

I had two midterms last week, and I had two this past week. A lot of studying paid off, making me feel very confident during test time. Of course, some of my exams were challenging, but I expected this. Struggle is to be expected on big exams. The professors here at Green Mountain are extremely helpful in preparing students for big exams, especially midterms.

Many students were very stressed during midterm week, and all of them were anxiously waiting for Spring break to come. Well, now break is finally here, and I am sure that all students are exceedingly happy that it is.


 I have one more midterm the week we come back from break. I will have to do so some studying over the break, but not so much that I will be stressed. The midterm is for my history class, Riots and Popular Protest in European History. My professor is Matthew Osborn, and he made sure to give us time to study for our midterm which really only includes essay writing.

As students are away on break, with school the farthest thing on their minds at this moment, they should realize that final exams will soon come around and the semester will then end.


 Take care,


        Matthias Baudinet


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