José speaks about wind turbines in Vermont

A native of Honduras, José Gálvez, the former GMC student body president did a project exploring the reasons why wind turbines do not belong in Vermont.  This project combines both the work José has done interviewing workers in the wind turbine industry, as well as his newly gained knowledge on the laws surrounding this topic.

(The video above is one I produced and edited for José and tells the story of his project.)

Now working for the college while completing his graduate studies, José serves as the community outreach director for GMC.  His recent involvements include both the Poultney 2020 project & club 2020, as well as the new internet platform club 2020 is planning to introduce on March 15th.

(Above: José working on his project)

If you don’t see José around much that is because he is busy with work.  If there was one thing that stands out for José, it would be that he is one of the nicest persons I have met.  Along with this, his work and dedication show his passion for what he does.

~Andrew O’Neill 


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