Taking that Big Next Step

I started applying to jobs in November, which at the time seemed a little excessive. But with the current state of the economy, the amount of time it takes to craft good cover letters, and all of the research I had to do in order to find new positions, I figured it would be a good idea to get a head start on things. Luckily all of this work has been paying off – I’ve had a few phone interviews, been invited to in-person interviews, and was offered two jobs at farm-based summer camps within just the last month. In addition, just the other day I got the job offer of a lifetime: working with a nationally recognized organization, putting my degree to good use, salary, benefits, student loan deferment… it all sounds ideal, but even so I’m hesitant about accepting. After four years living in the predictable security of the Green Mountain community, the thought of packing up and moving to another part of the country for a very, very adult job is both terrifying and incredibly exciting. I’ve come to love Vermont and the small community I’ve found in Poultney. In many ways, this town feels more like home than the area where I grew up. This is the place where I’ve spread my wings, made friends, fallen in love, learned more than I had ever thought I would, and come to know both the good and the bad with the familiar intimacy that only comes with time.

I know that there are many other college seniors feeling the way I am right now. Whether they’ve found jobs or are still looking, are thinking of graduate school, or are taking some time off before committing to the Next Big Thing, I doubt there is anything more unnerving than realizing it’s time to leave the embrace of your community and bring what you’ve learned out into the world. GMC has given us a lot, so now I guess it’s time for us to give a little back. All I can say to my fellow seniors is this: do good. Be well. Be happy. You’re ready.

With love, Alison E. Putnam


One thought on “Taking that Big Next Step

  1. Alison, Make sure you add a good cover letter. The cover letter lets you add a personal touch to compliment your resume. This is where you can tell them specific details about what sets you apart from the competition and what you will do for their team. If you need any assistance feel free to look us up.


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