The Video Man

      Here at Green Mountain there exists an individual who has trained himself into becoming the finest video director/editor at this school. He taught himself to master all the necessary knowledge required to create beautiful and perfect videos. Everyday I see him staring at his computer screen searching the web in order to be updated on anything related with video-editing. He is one of the most dedicated, honest, loyal, genuine, kindhearted, and funniest individuals that I have ever encountered in my life. I have the privilege to live right next to him in Moses hall, and I have spent a lot of time with him, as he is one of my good friends here at Green Mountain. His name is Andrew O’Neill.

      Andrew has helped me with numerous class projects that involved video making. Without him, I highly doubt that I would have been able to pull off such a good grade. He was an enormous help. And he has not only helped me many times, but he has also helped a lot of people in our friend group. He makes videos all the time for people. He takes time out of his day to create fantastic videos that will blow your professors away.


      Also, Andrew never does things half-heartedly. Once he engages himself into a video project, he makes sure that the video is the best that it can be. He always puts all his effort and energy into making videos. He has helped the school create videos to publicize the school, he has created videos for a variety of clubs on campus, videos where he has recorded events that last hours, and of course videos for individual people.

     Andrew is a model Green Mountain student. He always stands by his beliefs, he helps people in everyway that he can, and he is a great student and friend. He is the result of what 4 four years at Green Mountain can do.

      This semester he is taking 21 credits and yet he still manages to find the time to create great videos for people. If you ever need help with video-making, come to Andrew and he will help you create a marvelous video. HE IS THE VIDEO MAN!


Take care,

       Matthias Baudinet


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