Tiny Theater

     The town of Poultney is very small. Many students who have interest in Green Mountain College always seem to worry about the fact that the area around the college is so rural. I had that experience when I first arrived at Green Mountain. Having lived in relatively big cities most of my life, I was a little scared about the humble city of Poultney. I was worried that I would get bored easily…I couldn’t have been more wrong. Yes, the town may be extremely small, but there are so many things to do in this area if you know where to look and if you are not too lazy to walk/bike/run.

     The Tiny Theater in Poultney is located on main street which is directly in front of the college. When it says tiny, it literally means TINY. It is basically a small house that was transformed into a one-room movie cinema. The size of the room is perfect and there are always just enough seats for the audience. It is completely free to go there for students this year, plus you are allowed free candy and soda. Non-students however, must pay a very small fee. The theater gets its funds from private donations.


      The tiny theater is very popular with the students that reside on my floor. We go there a lot as a floor to watch all sorts of movies. There are a good number of people from the town who go to the tiny theater as well. It is a great place to watch great movies, spend time with friends, and get to know all sorts of interesting people.

      The last time I went to the tiny theater, I went with five of my friends over the Spring break and we saw a film called “Johnny.” It was a very emotional film about a young orphan boy who was diagnosed with cancer but still manages to keep a smile on his face by placing his heart in the hands of God. The turnout for the movie was quite large, and may people enjoyed the movie.

      The biggest thing that I love about the tiny theater is that they show a lot of foreign films. I think that this is a great thing, because it allows people from the area to experience the cinema culture of that country. The coming Saturday they are showing the Hobbit, and the Saturday after that they will be showing Les Miserables. I highly recommend attending a showing and supporting the business.

Take care,


       Matthias Baudinet




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