Improv Theater Show at GMC! By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

Over the past several months, I have been involved in GMC’s next upcoming Spring theater show! Auditions were held at the start of the semester and while I was lucky enough to be cast in both shows for the spring, my schedule only allowed for involvement in one, so I chose what I thought sounded more strange. 

You may be curious as to what improv theater is about, so I will tell you. Within the realm of theater and performing arts, improv is usually used as a warming up strategy to get the actors more comfortable with each other and moving around on stage. The actors are thrown in front of a crowd and given a random setting or circumstance to work a scene around, playing off of what each other say and do to create something engaging and fun to watch. The most important part of improv is to be willing to “go with the flow” as one would say, and always consider what will keep moving the scene along.

This said, the show we are putting on, directed by GMC student Nora Alexander, is compiled of 30 different two minute scenes that we’ve established through playing improv games, working individually on scene ideas and coming together to process and discuss possibilities. To keep an element of surprise and constant attentivity for the actors, the scenes will be labeled by number on flashcards and hung on a clothing line above the stage and the audience will call out numbers to choose which scenes come next. Our play has seven actors involved and each, in turn, will em-c this throughout. 


We’ve come up with some pretty shocking material and it should be quite an experience!! I encourage you all to come and invite your friends to come to Ackley this Friday the 22nd and Saturday the 23rd at 7pm!


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