Long Run

      During the second to last week of April, I will be completing a run to Rutland. Starting from the College Circle here at Green Mountain College, I will be running all the way to the city of Rutland. This will be my final run of the semester. I have been training European Commando style and this will end my training during the school semester before I undergo intense training during the summer.

     I welcome all who wish to join me and who want to accomplish something great! This will not be easy and we WILL make it all the way. And then, we will run back…just kidding, one of my friends will come pick us up from Rutland. This run will be about 24 miles long and will probably take more than 2 hours depending on how fast we go.

     More details will come once April comes around, and I will let people know about the run. I really hope that many will participate in the run with me. There is nothing better than accomplishing something that requires an extreme amount of effort and determination.

      If any of you want to get some running in before that run, let me know, I run almost 4 times a week and I would be glad to have some company.

      It will be a great time to run. Winter will be long gone, the sun will be out, bird will be singing, and the leaves will be green once again.

      If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact me!

Take care,


   Matthias Baudinet




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