NO Keystone XL by Krista Shugart

Before even reading this blog it is very important that you watch this video (short documentary)

Blockadia Rising: Voices of the Tar Sands Blockade from Garrett Graham on Vimeo.

I was involved in a direct action against Keystone XL Pipeline with 100 other activists one week ago. It was an incredible and life changing experience, and I met some of the best people. Last Monday 3/11 a group of activists got together at a TransCanada office in MA to hold “A Funeral For Our Future.” 25 of us refused to leave and continued our protest and did not leave until we were arrested. Four Green Mountain College students (Brynn, Heather, Chris, and I) were arrested in this action, and 4 Middlebury students were arrested in this action. Vermont students were well represented in this action against TransCanda. By watching the video above you can get an image of what exactly TransCanda is doing, and what the construction of this pipeline means. We will stand in solidarity with frontline communities that have been and continue to be exploited by the fossil fuel industry. Without resistance this pipeline is as good as built. We MUST stand together in solidarity and protect this world from destruction in the name of greed and profit. The pipeline is being built. We must support the blockade, we have been left no choices. If you can’t put your body on the line, donate money for the bail money for the people who are being arrested for blockading this pipeline. ( )

“If the tar sands are extracted and burned, it will wipe out my future and the future of my entire generation,” said Will Pearl, a Tufts University freshman arrested in the action. “If President Obama will not reject the Keystone XL pipeline, we will stop it ourselves. We will rise up and resist—from the backwoods of Texas, to corporate offices in Massachusetts, to the steps of the White House.”

Our action in MA was picked up by many media outlets including Democracy Now, The Rolling Stone, The Huffington Post, and Common Dreams.

This week is a week of action against Keystone XL and you can check out online to see what others are doing!

Personally, I have met so many wonderful people through this action against Keystone XL & peers who care about many of the same things I do. Together we can stop “business as usual.”

2 videos of the action

In solidarity forever.


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