Morning Runs

       If you have read my previous blog about the impending run to Rutland that I will complete in late April. Andrew O’Neill has fully agreed and committed to participate in the run with me. Since Tuesday we have both been getting up in the early morning, and heading off outside for a nice, relaxing morning run. We usually run about 4-5 miles and a pretty steady/kind of fast pace. The runs range from flat concrete terrain to snowy trails, to slightly icy dirt roads.

       Tuesday morning, we both woke up at 4:30am and started our run around 4:45am. We ran for a good amount of time and we got back to Moses around 5:25-5:30am. Of course, the sun had not risen yet, so it was extremely dark outside and it actually was a bit hard to see the path. We decided to go through a trail in the woods west of the college. However, it had been snowing all night and there was a lot of snow on the ground. We were running at the same time that the snow plow trucks were out doing their work.

        Once we got to the trail, we found it covered in snow with some ice as well. We decided to continue but as we got deeper into the forest, we kept slipping on the ice that was located below the many inches of snow. We had to turn around because we did not want to risk getting hurt on the first day. So we retraced our steps and ran around Poultney for a little bit before returning to campus. Of course, we finished our run with a nice 300meter sprint at the end.

       The next morning, we got up a little later, around 5am, but instead of getting up and getting ready, I got up from my bed, caught a cramp in my right leg, fell back on my bed and went back to sleep. Andrew did not go running that morning either.

       Nevertheless, this morning we both managed to get up and got dressed to go running. It was 5:15 am and our floor was completely quiet. We planned to completing a hill run that we used to run when we were on the cross country team. This run is sort of mentally challenging as there are pretty tough hills to get passed. It is a great workout though. When you finish a run like that, you can’t help but feel good about yourself.

       Again, we finished this run by sprinting the last few bits. We started our sprint about 400meters back from the finish point this time. This one was a bit tougher than the Tuesday run. Tomorrow morning I will have to run by myself because Andrew has to attend a conference. If anyone wants to join me, please feel free to do so!

       All of this running will continue and get tougher as time progresses. Andrew and I need to train for our run to Rutland later in April. Again, if anyone is interested in doing this with us, they only simply to need ask. Completing this run is a big accomplishment. Not many people have the physical ability to do this. More importantly, not many people have the mental ability to do this. Motivation, perseverance, good morale, and belief is key in this challenge.

       I hope everyone has a great end of the week!

take care,


    Matthias Baudinet


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