A Polish Easter

     For this Easter break, though I was not able to go home like I would have wanted to, I got to spend some quality time with a great friend of mine (Karina Lorenc, which I will be writing a whole separate blog dedicated to her). She was kind enough to invite me to stay at her house over the break and meet her family. And I must say, her family is wonderful and beautiful, much like Karina is. We drove down to Connecticut Thursday afternoon and we got arrived in Harwinton, CT in the evening. It is a beautiful place, even in the final stages of winter.  

      Her family is mostly of Polish ancestry so of course much of food of Easter dinner was traditional Polish dishes. Everything was absolutely delicious. Karina is a great cook and so are the rest of the family members. I helped, of course, I took care of the eggs, beets, and some of the dishes that needed washing. Friday morning, Karina and I traveled to New Britain, CT to get Polish baked goods, Polish sausages, and etc. There is only one authentic Polish bakery in New Britain, and there is a huge Polish population in that area of Connecticut, so we had to wait an hour and half before we got all that we needed for the Easter dinner.

      Then we had to head to the Polish meat shop where we had to wait another hour and a half to purchase all the meat necessary for the dinner. It was a long time, but it was definitely worth it. Once we prepared the food, it smelled and looked so good. It is very hard to find good European meats, especially in Vermont, and as soon as I started eating, I felt like I was home again.

        It was certainly good to see people who still celebrate Easter in the religious context. My family does the same, so I really felt at home. The house that I stayed in was absolutely beautiful. It was built almost 30 years ago by her parents. Located in the country, surrounded by forests, it is beautiful.

      The morning of Easter, we attended mass at a local Catholic church. It was designed in a way that I had never seen before. Coming from Europe, I used to the old stone, marble, stained glass windows. But this one was made entirely out of wood, and looked relatively modern. It was a great experience. I wished that I could have attended mass with my own family, but Karina’s family made me feel right at home.

       After a wonderfl meal, we all went for a small hike in a public park in Harwinton. It was a gorgeous walk that reminded me of my grandparent’s home in France. After spending such a wonderful time here, it is very hard to face the fact that I will have to go back to school sometime tomorrow. It is so lovely and charming here. And the Polish food….it is simply to die for! That definitely gives me a good reason to come back here!  

take care,

      Matthias Baudinet


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