Noah Hurley, Director of GMC Res Life Interview- By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

I was assigned to meet and interview Noah Hurley. Noah Hurley is the recently hired Director of Residence Life at Green Mountain College. Our forty-five minute invterview gave me a chance to be better acquainted with this staff member, and also learn more about the position that Res Life has within the GMC community.

I asked Noah to describe what a typical work day would be like for him: how he decides what to work on and what goals to complete, etc. Noah said the thing he likes most about coming in to work is that he has certain things to check in on that he has to check all the time, which could be repetitive be he appreciates consistency. He may come in and have to be dealing with a fire alarm having gone off the night before and have to address what happened with facilities. His job is to ask why something is happening and then dig into the root of where it went wrong, or figure out what deteriorated. Additionally, every morning he checks in on the ‘Duty Log’, which is what the Resident Assistants (RAs) use to correspond with Residence Life professional staff. He uses this to check that things have gone smoothly or if a problem occurred in a dorm, what dorm it was and which room. On average, he usually has multiple meetings he has to deal with every day and additionally he gets about twenty emails from the Duty Log every hour, so it is a very time consuming database. Between meetings and emails, his day is generally geared toward creating success for students. Noah loves his job now but it took him a long time to get here. He used to sell insurance but he didn’t feel satisfied with his work. He felt as though he was almost pretending to help people when really all he was doing was steering them toward certain sales. He also used to be a bartender, and he was good at it and made a lot of money, but continued to feel like he wasn’t truly helping people.

Noah grew up in Oregon and went to college there at Oregon State and became an RA, which led him to the field of student government. He majored in an undergraduate residence position that led him to graduate school where he got a masters degree as a Resident Director. He was part of a special program that allowed him to get his degree and make money while working there, which was a great deal and left him in very little debt. From there he got a job as an Assistant Director and continued to work in a Residence Life position, but he hit a mid-life crisis of sorts because it dawned on him that he’d only been involved with one main thing, Residence Life, and it had been going on for over ten years! He got a job at Head Start, a federally funded education program for children living in poverty, which was a great job, but he decided it wasn’t for him and went back to get a professional job at Oregon state where he continued to work in Res Life. In this position he met the love of his life, Holly. However, she wanted to continue looking for a job in New York and Noah decided to go with her. Noah quit his job and got a new Res Life job in Connecticut. At his job in Connecticut, Noah supervised a woman named Barbara Almeida, who is currently working at GMC, and she spoke to Noah about the fact that GMC was looking for a Director of Residence Life. Noah applied and got the job! He’s been living away from Holly for the past few months but they’re still happily together and planning to get engaged this coming New Years Eve, while Noah is enjoying his dream job at GMC!


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