A Girl

     Have you ever had a friend that you know will always be in your life? A friend that you know you can always rely on? A friend that always knows how to make you smile (and cry)? Here at Green Mountain College, I have good handful of friends like that. But, there is one that always stands out from the rest. She is what I like to call, a one-of-a-kind girl. I met her last semester (my sophomore year, her freshman year). She was in one of my classes, and as soon as I saw her, I knew that there was something special about her. First of all, she was very talkative and energetic, but at the same time there was a certain look in her eyes that drew me to her. She became my friend very quickly and now, I can tell her things that I would not tell anyone else here, because I feel comfortable around her and I know I can trust her.

      She played soccer in the fall, but got injured and was basically out for the rest of season, but that did not stop her from smiling and from being happy. She still walked around campus laughing, the sun shining through her dark-brown hair, enjoying her time at Green Mountain. She is a kind of girl that knows when to be serious, and when to have fun. And when she has fun, boy does she have FUN. The energy and enthusiasm that she has in unlike anything I have ever seen before. She stands out from other people for many reasons.


      She is a beautiful woman who has a passionate, yet sensitive and smooth personality. On a gray, gloomy day, her smile can feel like the sunshine penetrating through the gray clouds. Her voice, laugh, and other weird noises can be heard and recognized from miles away. She is from Woodstock, NY, and currently me and some of our mutual friends are trying to teach her French, and surprisingly she is doing a great job, and is expanding her vocabulary rather quickly. I know it will be a good evening when her and I are conversing in French, and I am trying to teach her French words and phrases. It is always entertaining. But thats what happens when you hang out with a girl like her.

     I look forward to the progression of our friendship and the memories that are in store for us that we can add to the collection that we currently have. There is not a single day where I am not thankful for having her a friend.   

     She plays a big part in my college life and though there are certain problems that she is going through right now, I know that everything will work out in the best way possible, and that she will be happy. Because after all, that is what matters most. 

To: Seraphina (mon Chouchou).

Take care,

       Matthias Baudinet


2 thoughts on “A Girl

  1. Even though the population of the Earth is very huge, at some point we feel lonely and urge to be with someone to whom we like to share things. Friends in need are friends indeed. Truly, I found your experience very inspiring and wish both of you to have great days ahead.http://nepaligirls.net


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