Cerridwen Farm- By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

I decided that I hadn’t had a personal enough experience on GMC’s very own on-campus farm, Cerridwen Farm, so I figured I would contact some of the people in charge there and spend some time with them, and with my camera.

I contacted Baylee, the assistant farm manager, and set up a time for a farm tour. However, I was unable to find her on the farm during that time. I called her cell phone and asked around if anyone had seen her, but unfortunately they hadn’t and she didn’t call back. This left me with the chance to have a more personal farm experience on my own and with the other farm hands. I shadowed a student named Kim Bingham for a little while and received a personal introduction to the goats and sheep that she’d brought to the GMC campus from her home. As she introduced each one, she stated that the night they were born as she was helping their mother to birth them, she thought it appropriate to name them after Harry Potter characters such as Hermione, Nevil, Luna, etc.


I then spent some time with GMC student and farm volunteer Connor Magnusson, who brought me into the OLWYN garage on Cerridwen farm, which is used in the winter as a green house and tool/supply building for farm materials. Connor introduced me to another worker on the farm, who was working in the pigpen. He was a young man who did not go to GMC but who was a part of the farm family that lives right off campus. He asked if I’d like to have a closer more personal look at the pigs, but ever since I was little I have been skittish in relation to them so I kindly said thank you but no. After my time hearing about chores and asking these farmhands questions, I decided to do some wandering on my own throughout the farm.

While I had previously been on the farm before, I had never had the chance to wander on my own and experience things in a more phenomenological kind of way. I sat for a while and watched the lambs playing with their mother; their high-pitched voices in conversation with each other, their interest in me watching them- a stranger on their farm. I realized I’d been rather disconnected from the farm all school year, and farm life in general for that matter. I’d gone through the same farm paths and walk I had multiple times during the fall when I was on the soccer team and we had to use the fields right beyond the farm. I’d done this, though I’d never really seen what had been going on around me. Perhaps that is why cameras are important, they really do provide an entirely new lens for what there is to see.


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