Fundamentals of Organic Agriculture

After classroom finals were completed and end of semester projects were submitted, sustainable agriculture majors at Green Mountain College got down to the busy work of springtime farming. The Fundamentals of Organic Agriculture class, taught by local farmer and adjunct professor Kristen Andrews, concluded the school year with a three day field intensive that took … More Fundamentals of Organic Agriculture

Music Appreciation Video Summary

As promised, here is the video summary from Daniel Kimatarle’s Delicate Balance project.  Again, this does not include all of the performances, this is just a collection of highlights.  Enjoy the video. For those of you that have left, have a great summer!  For those seniors graduating this May 11th, congratulations!  ~Andrew O’Neill

Music Appreciation: A Delicate Balance Project

Recently I had the pleasure of helping my fellow classmate Daniel Kimatarle with his Delicate Balance project related to raising awareness of music on the Green Mountain College campus.  The event was held on April 26th and drew roughly 30 students at one point.  The performances lasted more than an hour when students began to … More Music Appreciation: A Delicate Balance Project

Counting Down

Yesterday I finished my final assignment as an undergraduate at Green Mountain College. The week prior was one of intense, manic activity, which concluded with a huge sigh of relief and a well-deserved nap with the satisfaction of knowing I had finished student teaching, handed in a 130 page portfolio, taken a Praxis II test, … More Counting Down


    A lot of discussions and talks have been happening on campus. In particular, violence against women and misogyny have been some of the biggest topics among students. As a campus that is extremely liberal in my opinion, this is to be expected. However, I keep over-hearing conversations that label many men as advocating for misogyny. Though this … More Philogyny

Summer 2013

  Summer 2013 is almost here. After a long spring semester, freedom is nearly here. Just a few more steps and then everyone can relax over the summer. Though I am excited to go home, I have had a wonderful semester for the most part, despite some family problems, in terms of Green Mountain, this … More Summer 2013

Injustice Rant – By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

Over the past few weeks on GMC’s campus, I have found myself taking part in active conversations on social injustice and oppression and feminism and understanding others views on such topics from very diverse groups. Some of my friends, Kim Blank, Shai O’Rourke, Krista Shugart and many other powerful young women and men recently lead … More Injustice Rant – By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman