COUNTDOWN- By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

(Above GMC Students from left to right, Allan Michel Jales Coutinho, Seraphina Mallon-Breiman, Miles Linsmith)


As spring has come and the final day of the semester’s classes are over, summer is fast approaching and the end of school for this year is almost here! Students are cramming for their tests and whipping out fifteen pagers like crazed automotons.

It is a very exciting time of year. Slack lines are attached to trees around every turn with students attempting to find balance. The trees are in bloom, it’s possible to sit outside at mealtimes again at Chartwells, bikes are out and zooming around and the anticipation of a long break is tangible.

I almost wish that GMC allowed for another week just to remain on campus spending a little more time with your friends to say goodbye before we all go home. It would be so nice to have the extra time to say goodbye to some of my friends who I won’t see for months because they will be in other countries and far away, but I know time will bring us together again soon, with a fresh semester and a new round of exciting classes. 

Good luck to my fellow students on their finals and congratulations to my senior friends on almost completing your four years! Have an amazing summer everyone, do great things!

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