A lot of discussions and talks have been happening on campus. In particular, violence against women and misogyny have been some of the biggest topics among students. As a campus that is extremely liberal in my opinion, this is to be expected. However, I keep over-hearing conversations that label many men as advocating for misogyny. Though this is true is some cases, I think it is important not to generalized all men and create stereotypes. Just because not a lot of men participate in events that deal with these sort of issues does not mean that they hate women.

  In my opinion, a lot of men love women. By using the word love I mean that men appreciate, admire, and are fascinated by women. I truly believe that this is true for a lot of men. Because 1% of the population controls the majority of the wealth in the world, and that 1% tends to be men, it is easy to label ‘all’ men as oppressors against women. Of course, there are those lunatics in the world that do not belong to the 1% that cause harm to women on a daily basis, but in my opinion, men love women. 

  Instead of advocating on how horrible misogyny is (which is important to address), I believe that we would progress more if we advocated for philogyny and ways to appreciate women, and to teach men to love women in every way possible.  

   The teaching of philogyny can be very useful for both women and men. This way we can end the stereotypes that all men are ‘oppressors’ if they don’t actively participate in the women’s movement. In order to draw more men to this cause we need to advocate for philogyny, because this will end the aggressive and generalized views towards men, and focus the combined strength of women and men towards the people (mostly men) that are the true oppressors of women.

   I love women and it is times that we encourage all men to show their love for women and to bring equality for women in the world we live in. Philogyny is the way to go if we want to succeed in this cause.


     Take care,

           Matthias Baudinet 

47 thoughts on “Philogyny

  1. I think this post has a lot of truth in it! I know there are men out there who believe that way, but there are some many others who don't. My husband and father are examples of that! Thank you for your post!


  2. Violence and abuse affect women from all kinds of backgrounds every day. Sometimes, women are attacked by strangers, but most often they are hurt by people who are close to them. Violence and abuse can cause terrible physical and emotional pain. But you are not alone, and you can get help.


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  4. Thank you for this post. I'm so glad that someone finally said this. Some people think that women are mean, but I think that women would be happy if both men and other women were nicer to them. We need to teach both men and other women to honor and admire the female body and the female personality.


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