Summer 2013

  Summer 2013 is almost here. After a long spring semester, freedom is nearly here. Just a few more steps and then everyone can relax over the summer. Though I am excited to go home, I have had a wonderful semester for the most part, despite some family problems, in terms of Green Mountain, this was a fantastic semester. I accomplished a lot, learned a lot, met new people, made new friends, and completed my sophomore year of college.

  This semester I took 3 history classes, QEA, and Dimensions of Music. These classes were very informative and interesting. They made me look forward to picking my classes for next fall. This semester I was also selected to become an RA for next year. After lots of work and effort, I was rewarded by being offered this position. I was also selected to be the new Sophomore representative. I enhanced my leadership skills and public-speaking skills.

   This summer I will be life guarding in Southern France (Menton, Nice, Cannes, etc) and Miami, Florida. I am extremely excited for this job and this fantastic opportunity. Of course, I will be getting a lot of sun and spending most of my time in the water. I will be traveling a lot around southern France, going to Monaco at times, and even to Italy and Spain.

   The beaches where I will be life guarding are very busy and populated during the summer time (all year long in fact) so I will be kept busy every singly day. I am excited to see some of my friends who live there and to spend time with my family. My family likes to visit southern France in the summer, like every other French family that lives in the north of France, and now that I will be working there, they will come more often.

    Though I am highly anticipating the summer, I will miss some of my friends that are traveling abroad next fall, but after all, it is only a semester and I will see them again. I wish everyone luck on their last final exams and a bright and fun summer!

   Take care,

    Matthias Baudinet

14 thoughts on “Summer 2013

  1. My Beach Experience i had never been to the beach before. it was cloudy and foggy and the water was rough and choppy.the waves were about 4 feet high. i waded out into the water and started swimming .the water was not deep so i figured i could always put my feet down and stand up on the bottom.


  2. The city/country is Miami Beach with style and old world atmosphere, from its scattering of apartment houses to its classic hotels, all built around the casino which is, in fact, together with tourism, the hub of the financial state of the government and people. While there, however briefly your visit may be, there is the Grand Casino, port with yachts offering ample evidence that there is more money in this world than anyone ever dreamed of and, naturally, the Grimaldi?s Palace/Museum compete with a changing of the guards that is not exactly Buckingham but a photo opportunity nonetheless.


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  5. While this summer is warmer, drier and sunnier than the long-term average, it hasn't been exceptional. It stands out because the last six summers have been wetter than average, with 2012 and 2007 both being in the top five wettest, and 2008 and 2009 also in the top 10 wettest in records from 1910


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