Fundamentals of Organic Agriculture

After classroom finals were completed and end of semester projects were submitted, sustainable agriculture majors at Green Mountain College got down to the busy work of springtime farming. The Fundamentals of Organic Agriculture class, taught by local farmer and adjunct professor Kristen Andrews, concluded the school year with a three day field intensive that took place on GMC’s Cerridwen Farm.

All students in the sustainable agriculture program at Green Mountain College take Fundamentals of Organic Agriculture as part of their core course sequence. This course combines classroom study with projects and field experiences to teach students how a variety of organic farming systems operate. The semester concludes with a field intensive, in which students help Cerridwen Farm get ready for the busy summer ahead. This year, projects included planting onions and potatoes, starting seeds in the greenhouse, taking down old fencing, and lots of cultivating. Students also used the farm’s certified kitchen to cook lunches made from local ingredients.

Fundamentals of Organic Agriculture is just one of many courses in the sustainable agriculture sequence that combines classroom learning with hands-on application and exploration. This GMC program attracts students from all over the United States who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from suburbs to long-time farmers to the inner city. As such, students bring a diversity of experiences and insights to Cerridwen Farm that ultimately make the program stronger and more vibrant.

Photo credits: Kristen Andrews

Written by: Alison E. Putnam


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