Camp Cloverleaf

Before the spring semester ended I had originally planned on spending my summer being a lifeguard in southern France. Unfortunately, because of events that have happened in my family since the end of the semester, I have had a slight change in my plans.

Though I am still lifeguard certified, I am not working in southern France. Instead I am working at a 4-H camp in central Florida, located in Lake Placid. I work for the University of Florida IFAS Extension program for 4-H. Camp Cloverleaf is a camp that is open for 4-H enrolled children and teenagers between the age of 8- 18. I had to undergo lifeguard training because we are located on a lake.

I worked there a little last summer and it was so much fun. You meet so many people, make many friends, and develop many skills that have helped me a lot as a person. You develop your organization skills, your leadership, your planning skills, your social skills, and your physical fitness. Over a span of 13 weeks, you meet and take care of about 150 kids per week.

I get to spend a nice, warm, humid summer in Florida where I can visit great beaches in Miami, Tampa, Sarasota, and the Keys. Needless to say I will be getting a lot of sunshine this summer. Plus, located on camp grounds are a pontoon boat, a water tube, water skies, Archery equipment, rifles, shotguns, four-wheelers, and many other fun things.

I am very excited and will be blogging about my job and my experiences this summer. Feel free to comment on my blogs and those of my colleagues. Check out the Green Mountain Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr pages as well for cool things to look at and comment on.

Take care,

Matthias Baudinet


2 thoughts on “Camp Cloverleaf

  1. Wow I bet you had a spectacular experience there. I have worked as life guard during my college days. Believe me it was a whole lot of fun and a wonderful experience would definitely love to have once again whenever I get the opportunity. Anyways, love your post keep enjoying.


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