Expressions by Krista Shugart

I spent the last 5 weeks in Eugene, Oregon  participating in a learning program called “community transportations” It was a life changing experience and I have found two new passions: permaculture and natural building. I learned about community, spirituality, yoga, yogic lifestyle, meditation, living intentionally and many other topics. I would encourage you to learn more about the program, and I would encourage anyone/everyone to participate in it next summer – it will transform you. (

This is a poem I wrote as a final expression after the 5 week program that encompasses some of the things that I learned. We attended workshops and lectures weekly and many of these topics were talked about at great length, other topics are just ones that are very personally important to me that I incorporated.  (Three Green Mountain College students, including myself, participated in the PROUT: Community Transformations program this summer!)


Lets get together

And imagine alternatives

Let not only imagine

But lets see

Lets look at alternatives

Lets not only imagine the future

But also address the past

The present


Knowledge should not be fragmented

We must look at the whole picture

Really  open your eyes

And learn

And unlearn


Challenging times are ahead

Consciousness is shifting

Has been shifting

Needs to shift

To a sustainable future

Genuine meaningful sustainability  WILL take over

Whether we like it or not

Whether it happens voluntarily or involuntarily


Our diets

Everyones diets

Will be highly nutritious

Local food

Grown by you, your neighbor, your community

On our mothers land


Our future will be grounded in coops

Local materials

Local products

Local need

This is a revolution

And in order to have this happen

It is crucial that we eliminate the current dominanet oppressive exploitative system

We are amist a great turning


We cant forget that as beautiful as this turning is

The dominant culture does not approve

And we will be faced with incredible violence

Which we already are

Polluted food/polluted water/polluted air/polluted minds


Lets learn how to

De-pollute our minds

While still being aware

Awakening ourselves fully


While not forgetting that the clothes

We meditate in

Were made by people living in

Slave conditions

Not being paid living wages

Starving and suffering


Self suffiency

Lets work together

Lets work individually

Lets work with the earth

And with respect

For mother earth


Lets imagine what systematic changes

Looks like

Re-envision the values base of our



Balancing the individual and the collective

All living beings want to express themselves



Can be difficult

The more you learn

But we must learn

Or we will be blind


Oppression to one

Is oppression to the whole

Clear cut forests

Leave my soul clear cut

Hard to come back

Roots are roots

Veins are veins

Let truth and clarity run through our veins

Not patriarchy and capitalism


 A true free soul can never be imprisoned

The imprisoned

Are jailing the free






Natural building

Learning about community

From community members



New ways of thinking

New solutions

New images

New ideas

Coming together

With old ideas


For a better solution

For a clearer mind

Purer mind


Seek the truth

The full truth

Even if it hurts

It is important


Find your bliss

Then follow it


This can be touch

Involved hard work

That goes unrecognized


But your inner light will shine

It is not about ease and recognition


It is about truth

And love

It is not about sacrifice

It is about finding your bliss

It is about being genuine

Life lives on life


Species are going extinct

Polluted oceans

Animals choking on plastic bags

Streams polluted so much that they smell like boiled eggs

You gag at the stench

Clear cuts


But don’t worry!

They left us 2 acres to enjoy

Don’t think about how 95% of native forests are gone

Just focus on that butterfly

Ah, peace of mind.


It is a dance

It is a balance

Find your bliss

Work to ensure life

Love life

Protect life

Make life



We are in this together

Find your bliss


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