Poultney in the Summertime

There are a few lucky students who have the opportunity to spend the summer in Poultney as student workers. Many departments on campus, such as the library, admissions office, maintenance, and the farm, hire students as summer staff members. These students are able to live in the dorms for free, which means a GMC summer job is a great way to earn some money.

Although the absence of college students makes the campus seem vacant, Poultney is in fact busy and vibrant in the warmer months. Tourists visit the two major lakes in the region, St. Catherine and Bomoseen, and stop by Poultney for the weekly farmers market and numerous summertime events.

Students who stay through the summer can attend the annual Strawberry Festival and the Town Wide Yard Sale, which are both great ways to meet local residents. In addition, the annual East Poultney Day in August, which draws huge crowds, celebrates local history and craftsmanship.

In addition, the many swimming holes of the Poultney River, the area’s hiking trails, and the beautiful Vermont summer weather are reason enough to stay. Students can spend long summer nights on the newly re-furnished porch of Tap’s Tavern, or getting ice cream at the Trolley Stop. The two summers I have spent in Poultney remain some of the best I’ve had, not least because of the fellow students and friends I was able to spend time with. 


– Ali Putnam ’13


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    Thanks for the info!


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