Queechee Gorge

By Krista Shugart My friend Jess and I didn’t have any classes on Wednesdays, so we decided to go on a fall adventure to the Queechee Gorge! The Queechee Gorge is in Hartford, VT, about a 40 minute drive from campus. It was so beautiful to see the leaves changing color and to feel the … More Queechee Gorge

Activism Floor

By: Krista Shugart   Activism Floor has been introduced to the Green Mountain College community this semester! The Floor’s mission is to create an intentional community that promotes the importance of social and environmental justice to the campus. The Activism Floor is a co-ed living space located on Moses Hall first floor for students who … More Activism Floor

The Interview with CEO of MEGA: “Privacy is Business Model”

By Binh Bui’14 Last Thursday, September 19th 2013, Professor Jason Schmitt and GMC students had a great Skype conversation with Vikram Kumar, CEO of MEGA (https://mega.co.nz/) from New Zealand.  Kumar answered many questions from students about internet privacy and business ethics, and also shared his view about the transparency and pushing the limits of the … More The Interview with CEO of MEGA: “Privacy is Business Model”

First Year Impression! (FYI!) – Interview with José Gálvez

Last week, right before the school started, twelve Green Mountain College students arrived on campus early to participate in a meaningful program called “First Year Impression!” or “FYI!”  Created by Kevin Bubriski, professor of Visual Arts department, and José Gálvez, Sustainability Community Development Outreach Coordinator at Green Mountain College, FYI! is a new, one-week pre-orientation … More First Year Impression! (FYI!) – Interview with José Gálvez

Back to school!

     After a long (yet short) summer, it is back to school. After being on campus for about 2 and half weeks, I am very excited to start classes tomorrow! As a new resident assistant I had to attend trainings for the first two weeks that I was back, and I honestly had a … More Back to school!