Back to school!

     After a long (yet short) summer, it is back to school. After being on campus for about 2 and half weeks, I am very excited to start classes tomorrow! As a new resident assistant I had to attend trainings for the first two weeks that I was back, and I honestly had a great time bonding with the new RAs and getting to know the Community Directors. After two weeks though, it was a relief to greet and check-in the new students. It was also great fun welcoming back returning students yesterday and today. This year is going to be a blast!

     I am the RA for North basement and North 1st this fall and I am very excited for my new responsibilities. I believe that I will accumulate great experience as an RA and will have the ability to meet new people. I already love the people that are on my floor. North 1st got turned into a coed floor this year because of the amount of female students that came in this fall. I do believe that we will all be very close.

     I am mostly excited for my classes this semester. As a history major, I am taking my senior seminar course and Revolutionary Europe with Tom Williams and Matt Osborn respectively. I have added SOC/ANTH as my minor, so I am taking Human Origins and Women’s Studies this semester as well. I look forward to start these classes. Especially my women’s studies class. I have longed to learn more about this subject.


        I am also very excited to meet my new classmates in my courses. This is my junior year. It is sometimes crazy to think that I have already completed two years at Green Mountain College. It still feels like my freshman year was yesterday. Green Mountain College is a wonderful place that can make you ‘homesick’ when you leave this place. This is why I was so glad to back when I arrived in early August. 

       The class of 2017 is bound to bring new talents, skills and knowledge to GMC which will only benefit the college as a whole. The new International students that have arrived this fall will also help make GMC an even more diverse environment that includes many different cultures. 

       I hope that this school year will be awesome for everyone. I am anxious to get started! I wish all of you a great semester!


     -Matthias Baudinet

7 thoughts on “Back to school!

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