Conditioning A New Era In GMC Athletics

By: Forrest Teutsch

As I came to Green Mountain this summer for my final year as a collegiate athlete, I had lofty expectations for the cross-country season. I had been recovering from a knee injury over the summer and yearned to get back to running as soon as possible. Alas, with GMC athletics only having one athletic trainer this year, I had accepted the fact that I would have to work on my own to continue my recovery. Little did I know, GMC had made the move of the century and all the athletes were in for a treat. 

Enter Josh Bullock and his intern Jamie.

This summer our Athletic Director, Keith Bosley, had arranged to bring in Josh as the new strength and conditioning coach for all the teams. I read about this move on the website but did not think much of it. It was only when I got to meet him in person and work with him that I realized how serious GMC is about turning our athletic department around.

Immediately I began working with Josh to bring my knee back to full strength and I even sat in on some of the preseason soccer workouts just to see what our teams would be dealing with. Day 1, I was impressed. Josh’s workouts demand full team participation and utmost dedication to improving oneself as an athlete. It is evident from his past work at Killington Mountain School that he has what it takes to turn programs around. Under Josh’s management at KMS, the strength and conditioning program turned into a candidate for the National Strength and Conditioning Association Strength of America Award.

Even now from the early few weeks of the season, you can ask any member of a fall athletic team and they will tell you that Josh is committed to turning our programs into perennial NAC championship contenders. This will only come through hard work and attending every session, but this is what so many have longed for since arriving at GMC; to be part of a program we can be proud of. As I leave after this year, I will be confident in saying that thanks to the leadership of AD Keith Bosley, the dedication of our new coaches, and the knowledge from Josh and his conditioning workouts, Green Mountain College athletics will be in a much better place than when we all first arrived. Bright days are indeed ahead of us! #GMCeagles

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