Activism Floor

By: Krista Shugart


Activism Floor has been introduced to the Green Mountain College community this semester! The Floor’s mission is to create an intentional community that promotes the importance of social and environmental justice to the campus. The Activism Floor is a co-ed living space located on Moses Hall first floor for students who are committed learning about and acting on social and environmental justice issues. The focus of this floor is to educate each other and the community on specific topics such as sexism, racism, classism, the food industry, human rights, environmental destruction, etc.

Last year members of Activism Club were involved in a nation-wide divestment campaign which resulted in Green Mountain College’s divestment. We also protested the Keystone XL Pipeline in DC, attended Mountain Justice Spring Break in Appalachia, VA and spent a week learning from front line communities on the topic of Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining. Additionally, we attended the Left Forum in NYC and protested TarSands at a rally in Maine. Four GMC students were arrested in a protest against TransCanada, and members of Activism Club were involved in many other projects, campaigns, and initiatives including a Take Back the Night march and candlelight vigil for survivors of sexual assault.  


Activism Floor is a way to collaborate ideas, educate each other and continue being active against injustice through an intentional living space full of dedicated and motivated people.


There are rooms on this floor! If you are interested in Activism Floor you should attend Activism Club meetings, held every Wednesday at 7:00 in Moses Writers Lounge or emai

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