Eco League Program

By Krista Shugart

Green Mountain College is a part of the “Eco League” Program. “The Eco League is the only college consortium in the United States dedicated to sustainability education and the active pursuit of environmental studies within a liberal arts framework.” There are five schools that are a part of this program, allowing student to travel across the country! The five schools are: Alaska Pacific University, College of the Atlantic in Maine, Green Mountain College in Vermont, Northland College in Wisconsin, and Prescott College in Arizona.

“Eco-Leaguing” as students call it, offers a unique opportunity. Earlier this week I applied to eco-league at Prescott College for Spring 2014. As a Psychology and Sociology/Anthropology major I feel it would be beneficial for me to meet new people, live in a new community, and immerse myself in a new landscape. Prescott College has a focus in environmental and social justice, which aligns perfectly with my interests and passions, and I hope to immerse myself in their curriculum for a semester.

To say that I have loved my past two and a half years at Green Mountain College would be an understatement. Since my first day on campus, I have felt at home at GMC and dedicated myself to becoming an active member of the campus community. I have thoroughly enjoyed investing myself in this community and experiencing how a group of people can grow together and learn from one another. I am very interested in branching out for a semester, developing more of these constructive relationships within a new community. If I get accepted to Prescott College I will come back to GMC for my senior year at college, with possibly a new perspective and new energy.

The Eco-League program has brought  interesting and amazing student to GMC for semesters at a time. This allows students the opportunity to form relationships with people from different parts of the country, and form bonds and friendships that they wouldn’t be able to make otherwise.

If you attend Green Mountain College in Vermont, you will be able to have this opportunity to study at any of the other four colleges for a semester during your time here. Green Mountain College is committed to providing students a well-rounded education and I feel that offering the eco-league semester program is one way that this is achieved. Check out the website for more details!


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