What Did International Students at GMC Do during Fall Break?

By Binh Bui’ 14

Time goes by so fast. Half of the fall semester already passed!  Last week was fall break for Green Mountain College students. Instead of going home like other American students, international students decided to take this opportunity to travel to famous cities in the U.S. For this break, they went exploring life in Boston, MA. I luckily caught up with Thanh Nguyen’ 17 and Sunmi in the dining hall and heard their experience for the first time visiting Boston. 

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Thanh Nguyen from Vietnam and an Environmental Studies major.

I’m Sunmi from Korea. I am majoring in English Education and came to GMC this year for the exchange program between GMC and my school in Korea.

(Sunmi and Thanh)

I heard that you had a great time in Boston this fall break.

Yes, we did have a good time there. I was a little tired of walking to so many places though.

How many students were in the trip?

Sunmi: There were 10 students including Chan-guyn, Adrian, Francisco, Meesuka, Mariama, Swe, Thanh and I.

Wow, it was a huge, diverse group.

Thanh: Right, we got a good diverse group. We have Asaka and Jumpei from Japan, Sunmi and Chan-guyn from South Korean, Adrian and Francisco from Spain, Mariama from Guinea, Swe from Burma, I from Vietnam, and our great tour guide, Meesuka, actually living in Boston.

(International Students at GMC)

How did you come together and get to know each other?

Thanh: I think that is because we are all open-mined. Since the first day I came here, I spent time hanging with many new friends and participated in different activities on campus. I also try to take classes in different fields. It helps me to see the world in more comprehensive way and from other people’s view.

What was your experience first time visiting Boston?

Thanh: It was quite an experience of living in a big city; even we were there just 4 days. We went to a lot of restaurants and tried many dishes of different countries: Vietnamese noodles, Korean food, and also Japanese cuisine. It was nice to have tasty foods from so many different places in the world in such a short amount of time. 

Sunmi: For me, it was good, honestly… because of shopping (laughs). Clothes in the U.S. are generally cheaper than in Korea. We went shopping on the Columbus Day, so everything was even cheaper than usual. Yet, I still prefer shopping in Korea as things have a wider range of choices.  

Did you visit any famous places in Boston?

Sunmi: Because of the government shutdown, we could not visit many places that we had planned to go.

Thanh: It’s true. We went to the Museum of Fine Art, but it was closed…A little time in Harvard University as well. One of my memorable experiences was to see the city in the night time. Towers and buildings were so dazzling at night and looked like a thousand beams of light. Looking up the skyline also made me overwhelmed as I just wished I could stand on the top and touch the sky above.

If you have a chance to visit Boston again, will you still want to go?

Sunmi: If I come next time, I will definitely spend more time visiting different places. 

Thanh: Yes, I will visit Boston again.

Great! Thank you for sharing and hope to hear more wonderful traveling experience from you in future.


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