A Sad Day for GMC Soccer

    By: Matthias Baudinet 

     Today was a special day for seniors Cleopass Nakoma, Tyler Lawson, and Chukwuemeka Ugorji. After 3-4 years of playing Division III soccer for Green Mountain College, these three magnificent players took part in their last home game of their college soccer careers. Having played with all three of these players for one full season, I can say that it was truly a sad moment seeing them walk off of the field after the referee blew the final whistle. Green Mountain will truly miss these three unique soccer players.

     I first met these three gentlemen my freshman year of college at GMC. Cleopass and Tyler were both Sophomores and they both helped me better my game on the field, and both became great friends of mine. ‘Emeka’ came in as a transfer from Nigeria the same year that I arrived at Green Mountain. First thing I noticed about him was his speed. He had (and still has) incredible speed and great passing skills. Seeing them play for three years has been an enormous pleasure that I cannot even describe. For all of us, soccer is more than a sport, it is a part of our daily lives and it has shaped the person that we are today.


      The game they played today was one of great intensity. Almost coming back to level the score twice throughout the game and hitting multiple shots on goal–it was a very entertaining game against Lyndon State College. The stands were completely filled to support not only the team itself, but the seniors on this special day.

      There was not one boring moment in the game. Both sides were attacking with full force and desperately looking for that winning goal. The weather today set the game up perfectly. Not very hot, a little chilly with a nice breeze, the players that were on the pitch seemed to be in perfect condition for the game.

      With only three seniors on the team, the men’s program should be able to fill the holes left by the departing players. However, never will the team recover from the moral support that these three players brought to the field every day for their teammates. At the end of the day, it is clear to say that these wonderful men left their mark on the GMC soccer program. They will always be remembered and will go on to do great things.

      Though these three players played really well today (as did the whole team), the Eagles were eventually denied a win by the Lyndon State Hornets losing 2-3 after 90 minutes of regular time play. It truly was A Sad Day for GMC Soccer.


2 thoughts on “A Sad Day for GMC Soccer

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