Final Exams


By: Matthias Baudinet

     With this semester coming to a close, students are now preparing for final exams next week. This time of year is always a stressful for one for Green Mountain students. The library is unusually packed, every single computer in the labs are occupied, and many students start to grow gray hair. For many students, final exams can make or break their grades, so it is very reasonable as to why so many of them are panicking. Final exams however are just exams and should as treated as so. Don’t kill yourself over an exam. Just relax and do your best.

    If one ventures on the internet, it is very easy to find lots of advice regarding successful test-taking methods, or ways to reduce stress. I believe that the key to success on final exams comes from relaxation and confidence. If you have been paying attention in class, doing the readings, asking questions, and keeping up with the work, then a final exam should be no overwhelming challenge. However, if you are not so studious and need a lot of help before the exam, I suggest dedicating time throughout your days where you simply tell yourself that ‘you WILL sit down, review your notes, and simply study.’ It is extremely important to believe in yourself.

     The list above is one that I found from a reliable source that I was given by a friend of mine that goes to Oxford in England. I believe this list to be very handy and helpful for students. Finals are important, and it is good thing to do well on them, but it is important to recognize that there are bigger things in life. Once you recognize that, you will have the confidence that will enable you to do well on these tests.

    Good luck to everyone on your finals. Have a great winter break, and make sure to stay tuned for blog entries over the holidays.



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