One Last Hurrah!

By: Forrest Teutsch

And so begins the end of my undergraduate career. All us GMC-ers flocked back to Poultney in time for MLK Day amidst the brutal polar vortex. The blistering cold is taking its toll on everyone but I think I can speak for most and say we are all glad to be back “home” once more. Some of us returning from school trips to Nepal, from Italy last semester, from a month of working back home, and the rest are returning from a state of laziness where we just enjoyed having zero responsibility.

                For me, I just got back from the Boston area where I worked in a Tufts University research lab, never quite escaping the school setting. But this time I came back with a mental list branded into my mind; a “GMC bucket list” if you will. This will be my final semester here at GMC, this is the time to leave it all on the playing field. I don’t want to graduate with any regrets that I didn’t do something and never have this kind of opportunity again. My buddies, all the other GMC seniors and I fully plan on enjoying this semester more than any other to date. It’ time to make things happen and not look back.

                I have already explored just about every secret spot on campus, most of which many new students don’t even know you can access. My GMC bucket list is more social than exploratory I suppose. In this last semester I have already joined the tennis team; never played tennis before, but this is one of those “hell yeah” kind of moments. Just jumping into it with no cares in the world. Years back I also took French in high school, how much do I remember now…un petit peu. I need to take advantage of the international students here and brush up on my French before I go to Europe this summer. I mean where else can you go for free French lessons to learn useful phrases like “how much for the beer? Or we should head back to your place.” Speaking of French, how about Canada? That is for sure on my list, I mean GMC isn’t too far away from the border. I don’t want, I need to go on a Canada trip with some friends in the following months. I need to be less picky, care less what people think, and just live it up. This is my semester, it’s a blank check and I’m about to ball out on it.

                What’s on your GMC bucket list? Work on Cerridwen farm? Get on the roof of a building? Hide out in Griswold library all night after it closes? Join a new sport? Sing karaoke at midnight breakfast? Whatever it is, just go for it.


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