New Semester. New Learning Opportunities.

by Krista Shugart

Kaitlyn Lawrence is spending her Spring 2014 taking part of the “Sustainability Semester” through St. Lawrence University. She will be living in a house on 33.5 acres of land, leased to the University through the Cornell Cooperative Extension; the house is four miles from campus and the town of Canton.

“I wanted to do the semester because I would be home for a semester and would be able to connect with local farmers and other community members in my own hometown, with also having benefits with St. Lawrence University. This was also an opportunity to “go abroad” for me because although I grew up in Canton I did not take advantage of the community and farmers in the Upstate New York area and found that this was my chance to become more involved in my community. The classes being offered were unique and a little different than what Green Mountain had to offer. I will be taking a forestry and management class, environmental communication, sustainability theory and practice, and a core class of environmental studies which will involve a community based learning portion which will essentially turn into my three credit internship for Green Mountain College. Living with eight other St. Lawrence students for the next four and a half months is going to be a great adventure and I look forward to the great new experiences ahead.”

Kaitlyn will be taking workshops including woodworking, grafting, timber framing, visiting Ithaca Eco Village, and a two week trip to Boston in May where we will learn from SLU alumni abut urban sustainability.

“Some of the great benefits that I will also take away from the semester is learning how to bake bread, canning, threshing beans and wheat, and cooking! Each week we are grouped with a partner where we have to cook for the group so 2 hour preparation for a wholesome communal meal has taught me to appreciate my food even more. Although I could’ve learned most of these skills at GMC, I never found time to put it in my busy schedule, and now I’m excited for all the opportunities that I have ahead of me for this great semester.”

Kaitlyn is a Sustainable Agriculture major at Green Mountain College and is part of the GMC Class of 2015. She is an active member of Farm Crew, Activism @ GMC, and Dance Party Club. Kaitlyn is a huge addition to the Green Mountain College farm and regularly does farm chores and she is an inspiring student on campus that students can come to with questions about how to get involved on campus and on the farm.

Green Mountain College will continue to feel Kaitlyn’s incredible passion and uplifting spirit this semester as she continues her learning by taking the Sustainability Semester. GMC looks forward to her return in September 2015 as she starts her senior year and finishes up her Sustainable Agriculture degree!





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