January at GMC- By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

Returning to the campus of Green Mountain College as a second-semester sophomore in this frigid January has called for a bit more adaptation than I was expecting to find. I traveled abroad last semester with thirteen other GMC students on an international trip to the Italian Alps with GMC art/art-history professor Jennifer Baker. More blogs on that to come, but what a shock to return to so many new freshman and transfer student faces! How very surprising to enter Withey’s student center, step into the dining hall and be greeted over and over with the ever inquiring, “So, are you a new student?”

While intimidating, I have yet to greet an unfriendly stranger, and as many come to realize quickly at Green Mountain, all it takes to start a conversation with someone on campus is a positive mindset and an open smile. 

Everyone is beginning anew now… fresh schedules, a different set of courses, perhaps a new work-study job (I know that applies to me)… While we all patiently anticipate warmer, kinder weather, we begin again to engage with each other and philosophize, sign up for farm chores, or get involved with the upcoming 7-Day Music Project! An event that has been put on the past few semesters by student Connor Magnusson, that randomly places students in groups of 5, forming small bands together that have one week to practice and put on a show for each other this February 7th in the Gorge at 8pm!

There are so many opportunities to take advantage of while we’re all here. Let the next few months commence!


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