by Krista Shugart

“The passing of Artichoke was most certainly a passing of an era on Cerridwen Farm, speaking exclusively a business perspective, we lost our dairy program and milk sales, and opportunity to enjoy raw milk on campus. But Artie was so much more than that. Each new student who came to the farm for the past 6+ years learned to milk from her. Learned to have the confidence to lead and handle a cow that weighs close to 1,000 pounds. Artie was a companion for those of us who spent hours by her udder, having conversations with each other from under her stomach. She has been one of the consistencies of an ever changing program. And the farm crew will feel a hole in their hearts where she used to fill it with a strange but familiar combination of sassy attitude and kindness. I would like to assure anyone who wonders, that the farm manager,Bay, our vet, Al, and a group of dedicated students did everything we could.” -Shannon Baillie (Shannon was one of the students who was with Artichoke at the time of her passing.)

“Artichoke was such an amazing creature with incredible patience and spunk. She taught a lot of people not only about milking but about farming and continued to do so in her death. She will surely be missed.” Emily Wills (GMC graduate with degree in Sustainable Agriculture and former chore manager at Cerridwen Farm)

Artie you were sassy and beautiful, there was so much personality wrapped up inside of you. I’m sorry that I would get frustrated with you when you would try to kick the bucket, you were a smart cookie and will truly be missed. Rest in Peace ol gal” -Kaitlyn Lawrence (Sustainable Agriculture student class of 2015)



Photos by Emily Wills


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