Ice Climbing with GreenMap- By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

(GreenMap trip leader, student Giancarlo Lopes)

My experience thus far with extreme physical excursions have been far and few between when it comes to severe outdoor adventures. I love to dance and I don’t mind performing in front of people, but when it comes to rock climbing or ice climbing or bungee jumping or something intense like that, my brain becomes paralyzed. 

I’ve found that by association, I am also intimidated by the people going on such excursions and adventures, which is unfortunate because it means I’m isolating myself from an entire branch of GMCer’s. This said, I made the decision to step out of my comfort zone and sign up for my first ever GreenMap trip to go ice-climbing this past Sunday, an adventure to Ludlow Quarry about an hour away from campus.

Meeting bright and early in the morning with my trip leaders, students Giancarlo, Seth, Lance- and the rest of the crew, I was nervous. I was sleepy and confused as to why I was following through with such a plan. There was so much gear to assemble and put on before we could even leave! When we got to the ice quarry about an hour later, the frozen waterfalls were huge. I felt my heart racing, and I must have seemed nervous, but then I realized I didn’t have to be. “You ready?” asked the belayer (person in charge of supporting your weight on the rope). I thought about it, saw the kindness in his smile, and realized that I was.

Our brains create so many aspects of reality that don’t actually exist in the real world. People are scared, all the time, to try to do things that could bring them so much joy and confidence- but they think themselves out of it. Don’t help this happen! It’s so important to remember to hold the kindness in yourself that you wish to receive from others. Every GMC student should sign up for a GreenMap trip this semester πŸ™‚

(I finally got to the top!)


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