Happy Valentine’s Day Green Mountain College! <3

By: Forrest Teutsch

It’s that time of year again, commercialized America celebrates buying candy and “thoughtful” gifts for one’s significant other. You can use this holiday to give chocolates, teddy bears, flowers, or Valentine’s cards. Or you can think outside the box and use some of my GMC themed gift ideas.


  1. 1.     Nature! If you thought ahead like a great gf/bf or by chance just so happened to collect some, heart shaped rocks are dynamite. Before we got pummeled by a foot of snow the river was a prime place to search for heart shaped rocks. To add some personalization to this primitive gift (to the untrained eye), just throw on some paint and his/her name in it. Instant gold!
  2. 2.     More Nature! Hey you know how we are about to get hit with another few inches of snow? Well here’s a tip, use nature’s gift of snow to write a beautiful and possibly poetic profession of love. Imagine waking up and looking onto Moses lawn to see a heart in the snow with a soliloquy all about you. That will impress anyone. Subscribe to my (non-existent) premium blog to get free poems to use.
  3. 3.     Instagram! Essentially this is where it all comes together. Really all that couples want on Valentines Day is to validate their love and prove to others that they are happy. How else do you do this without social media? Instagram changed the game entirely. You just win Valentines Day if you can post the best-received gift from your significant other. Boom, all your friends are now staring at your Instagram that proves you are loved.


Warning!!!! If you combine these three ideas you may end up in the happiest relationship ever, you’re welcome.


Also if these don’t cut it for you and you just want flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears; I got your back 😉


21 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day Green Mountain College! <3

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