101 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at GMC

By Binh Bui’14

I guess I don’t have to inform you that last Friday was Valentine’s Day. Hope you had a nice one. At GMC, I saw red color, chocolate, and flowers everywhere (You may argue that it wasn’t everywhere; well, in that case, it would be every place around GMC and Poultney I could think of with my imagination). People asked each other about what they planed to give to their loved ones on the special day. Because of some reasons, I kept reminding myself that I should avoid having any involvement with Valentine this year. Unfortunately, my attempt wasn’t very successful.

Last Monday, I just finished my dinner and planned to have a cup of coffee, which I believed could give me an “artificial power,” a kind of power that your body cannot naturally generate, to get back to my “little-amino-acid” study session. If you’ve ever taken Cell Biology and had to memorize the names and chemical structures of 20 amino acids utilized to synthesize human proteins, you know what I am talking about. If you’ve never had that class, all you need to know is that it may take a college student couple or many hours to memorize the structures of 20 chemical substances. Before I am going to write my entire blog with intricate biological terms and how great I felt as seeing 3D protein model by stereo pictures, let’s be back to my dinner and how it’s related to Valentine’s Day.

I ran into one of my friend while I was getting my coffee last Monday. He somehow noticed that the social media team, in which I am a member, would do an activity for Valentine’s Day. He asked what it would be and if I could suggest him some ideas of presents for his girl friend on the V-Day. It was a very good question because I actually had no idea. Fortunately, after three seconds of firing my neurons and sending electrical signals all over different areas of my brain, I realized that one way for my friend to express his love would be sending his girl friend a secret love message via the Valentine activity of my social media team. To celebrate Valentine this year, we asked GMC students to write a secret love message to their loved ones or whoever they wanted to send their love. The team later took pictures of these messages and posted them on our Facebook page. Envision how touched your boyfriend/ girlfriend would feel if he or she woke up, checked his or her Facebook,and suddenly saw your love message published on the school Facebook page. It must have been a great (or embarrassed) feeling.

(You can see the completed album and secret love message on our Facebook page)

My conversation with my friend simply ended right after I told him that it might be a creative idea to send his girl friend a secret love message. Yet, his question was stuck in me. “What do people at GMC do on Valentine’s Day?” Although my interest in Valentine, as mentioned above, was low, my curiosity was too high that I decided to go around and ask GMC students what they did last Friday. There were some answers that I got:  

“We went to Easter Perry (a local restaurant in town). It was great!”

“I am not gonna tell you the movie we watched.”

“I partied with my friends. It’s nothing wrong to hate Valentine just because you’re single!”

“My girl friend isn’t here. Just sent her flowers and we talked on the phone.”

“Do you think P.S. I Love You a little too classic for Valentine?”

“Slow Food (a food club at GMC) had an event that night at North… Well, you know, I was there and enjoyed all the good food. Who cares about Valentine anyway?”

“We both love snow and winter sport so a getaway skiing trip during weekend was our plan. Lucky we’re in VT together.”

 “My boyfriend came from NY. I baked cookies and made cheese cakes. It was such a nice weekend!”

It seemed all people that I asked had a pretty awe Valentine. They showed me that there are so many things one can do with his or her loved one on Valentine. Someone told me once that love is like a tree; as long as you still care about your love relationship, you’ll find a way to make it grow bigger everyday. Even sometimes you don’t really have to do anything, just show up with your heart filled with love.



7 thoughts on “101 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at GMC

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