Meet a Senator!

By: Matthias Baudinet

The Green Mountain Student Senate is one that makes a lot of crucial decisions here on campus. For that reason, I believe it it important for all to have some information on who these people are if one doesn’t have the opportunity to talk to them one-on-one.

Michael Magnotta:

1.Your major and graduating class.

-History with a Certificate to teach Secondary Education 2014

-Environmental Studies with a Concentration is Sustainable Energy and Ecological Design 2014  

-REED Certificate 2014

 2. Where are you from?

 ·        Berwyn PA, suburb of Philadelphia

 3.Your position on the Senate.

 ·        Student Body Treasurer

 4. What made you want to be a Senator?

 ·        I love leading different organizations and working with people behind the scenes to make events happen

 5.What is the Senate‘s main role on campus to you?

 ·        To be the students’ voice in campus matters as well as to help fund and promote student projects and initiatives.

 6.How is being on Senate positively affecting you?

 ·        As a senator I am able to represent students and their beliefs when it comes to discussions that the senate has. I love to help people become the best they can and as treasurer I am able to help clubs grow and make student projects happen through funding.


    Michael has been crucial in Senate because of his great skills with numbers and his effective public speaking. Senate is now looking for a student to replace Mike as Treasurer once he graduates. Be on the look out for more information on other Senators!


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