Long Distance Friendships

By Krista Lee

This semester went by so fast & in a little over one month I will be reunited with my close friends at the Green Mountain College graduation ceremony! Being in a new place and forming close relationships over the semester has been an incredible experience and I have learned and continue to learn so much from all the people in Arizona that I have been working with,  talking with, and meeting!

Leaving the East Coast and Green Mountain College meant that I was leaving behind very close relationships and keeping in touch with my friends while I am thousands of miles away has been important for me. I have found that phone calls are my favorite form of communication to keep in touch! It is so nice hearing from my friends and hearing about all the exciting things that are going on with them. While it takes time and energy to keep in touch I think it is important to put in the work and living thousands of miles away from those that you love isn’t easy!

Leaving Arizona in a month is going to be very bittersweet and it will be hard to leave…but returning to Green Mountain just in time to see my friends graduate and spending time with my friends who are staying for graduation will be so nice & exactly what I need!



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  1. Taylor says:

    It is very hard to keep in touch with close friends that are long distances away from you. I have a close friend that I call everyday and we also skype when we both have the time!Awesome Blog!


  2. It not that hard to keep contact with friends these days, we have so much Tec available to us these days. Could you not use Skype, its free unlike phone calls which can work out expensive.


  3. O Wow, Congrats. Long term friendships can be a tough pill to swallow. Make sure you keep us updated with how it goes


  4. Keeping in touch with friends through phone calls, skype is not actually the solution for this. It's totally different when you are in touch from phone calls or skype would really work in keeping your relationship stronger. I've had experienced this.


  5. Click here says:

    It's hard to keep in physical contact when you have friends from multiple locations. However, social media will keep you in touch with your friends while you are away. Good luck!


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  8. hguhf says:

    Thanks a lot for this great post


  9. Keeping in touch with friends through phone calls, skype is not actually the solution for this. It's totally different when you are in touch from phone calls or skype would really work in keeping your relationship stronger. I've had experienced this.


  10. interesting post on long distance friendship , i have friends in USA i stay in UK always love to connect with like minded people. btw niche article.


  11. Dirly D says:

    your story interesting , it is friendship and love is all we need. The best friend is a friend who will accept us as we are . Moreover, we 've got love , complete our life . It will always be my hometown we miss when we are far away , because there are a lot of good memories there . Hopefully you 're always remember your hometown and often returned there for your friends and those you love . thank you for your great article . I will always miss my hometown in IndonesiaTrawashttp://ged3ditrawas.blogspot.com/2014/09/trawas.htmlhttp://trawasnggasrock7.blogspot.com/2014/08/cara-download-mp3-termudah-di-4shared.htmlhttp://trawasnggasrock7.blogspot.com/2014/08/cara-download-mp3-termudah-lewat-youtube.html


  12. tom says:

    Thanks for this share its very nice!


  13. Social Media doesn't makeup up for the fact that you cant hug your friends or have that face to face contact. Nothing beats seeing your friends in person


  14. Do not ever underestimate yourself. If you're not happy with your life, fix what's wrong, and continue walking.


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  16. ur08 says:

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  18. ged3ditrawas says:

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