Meet a Senator!

By: Matthias Baudinet

After posting about GMC Treasurer Michael Magnotta two weeks ago, today I present to you the GMC Commuter Representative, Adam Zais.


1.Your major and graduating class.
I am a REED major and will graduate this spring 2014.
2. Where are you from?
I am from Wisconsin, USA
3.Your position on the Senate.
I am the Commuter Representative
4. What made you want to be a Senator?
I enjoy being involved in decision making on campus. 
5.What is the Senate’s main role on campus to you?
It’s a relatively obvious joke if you stop to think about it.  Students have limited powers on campus.  It’s important, however, to put your best foot forward… 
6.How is being on Senate positively affecting you?
It helps me to better understand how decisions are made in large organizations.  It forces me to reconsider the tone that I interact with others.  It also looks excellent on a resume.

Adam will be graduating this semester and it is crucial that a Commuter takes his place as the Representative in Student Senate. Any one who is interested should contact Antoine Lucic.

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