Poetry – By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

Here’s a little something I wrote in honor of poetry month!

 The Relationship Between Me and My Mother


The relationship between me and my mother

is one none other than that of

poetic intrigue

We cuss and we fight and we get super mad but

we also love each other and

somehow smother those bossy contrite

fights that drag us downward

But that relationship between me and my mother

is something one can’t quite utter a single clear

defined concept in describing what is entailed

Because she’s so judgmental and i’m an only child and

we both forget what it’s like to live 

with a guy in the house

So we struggle and juggle our muddled beliefs about

how things should be for a 

mom and her kid when

her kid is becoming less of a kid and she as a mother

is becoming none other than one of those older

women who have conversations about how they’d like

to become romantic again 

But they’re too busy and meanwhile

time is speeding up and each hair is becoming whiter and

bones ache more than they used to after they come home

from their weekly yoga class and people forget how quickly 

time passes

And the relationship between me and my mother is getting

shorter because soon i’ll move away and sitting on the couch 

watching ‘Gilmore Girls’ will be harder than it was 

when i was twelve

And soon we’ll forget why we fought because it wont 

really matter that much


31 thoughts on “Poetry – By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

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  5. I like very much in the poetry.It is about relationship between parent and children.I seen this poetry i thought my mother and most of them thought same like that.I really impressed in your blog.Thank you very much for posting this poetry.


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