By Krista Lee

After studying at Prescott College for the semester I am both preparing for my departure of Arizona and my return to Vermont. It is going to be really hard when the semester ends to leave all of the friends that I have made here and leaving the life and place that I have learned and grown so much from. I would highly recommend Green Mountain College students to take advantage of the eco league program, as it is definitely a program that really brings personal transformation and exploration. 

This summer I will be moving back to Vermont which I am very excited about. I will be living and interning at the Burlington Dismas House. “Dismas House is a residential community where college students live in community with men and women transitioning from incarceration to life in society.” I look forward to getting to know Vermont better and widening my understanding of the state to prepare me for my senior year at GMC. I always left Vermont in the summers (over my past 3 years at GMC) and I think that there is something of great value to ground oneself in a place and state, and that is what I plan to do this summer.

I will be back in Vermont in time for graduation and I look forward to seeing my good friends graduate, something that I wasn’t sure if I was going to be back in time for originally! While the end of this semester is fast approaching and I am incredibly sad, I am also looking forward to a summer in Burlington and to be reunited with my friends.


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