Earth Week

by Binh Bui

I was in the Easter Break last weekend, and I realized that it was the first time I could not wait for the break to be over. You may ask if my brain still operates properly. Of course, it functions well. Like other college students, I want six-month vacation, twice per year. Yet, this week is so excited that I want it to come so badly.

Earth Week starts from today, Monday April 21st to Sunday April 27, 2014. There are so many great activities that GMC students have prepared for months. The “Go Towelles GMC” competition was kicked off last Thursday. The organizing team of this competition wants to send a message to GMC students that if we can pay more attention on the way we currently use paper towels, we can become more friendly environmental and save a large amount of paper towels. The team organizes a competition among GMC college dorms to challenge which dorm will use the least number of paper towel rolls in a week. The winning dorm will receive a special prize from the team.

A part of Earth Week is the Earth Week Parade from Ames Circle to Poultney High School on this Thursday April 24th. I have attended the parade for two years, and I was exited every time. The Earth Fair will also be organized at Poultney High School. Numerous booths that are representatives of different organizations and student clubs will be around the school’s gym and present many awe activities for audiences. Last year, my professor and I were at the booth of GMC Business Department. We brought to the fair a car-driving stimulation in which the audiences would learn how to drive a car with less amount of gas and more sustainable. To encourage people to participate in different activities, the fair offered a free tie-dye T-shirt for those who visited at least three booths. The best part was that people would make their own tie-dye shirt. Moreover, on that same Thursday at 7pm, the release party for the Reverie, a GMC annual student-run literary and arts magazine, will be organized at the Stone Valley Arts in the Journal Press Building. It is exciting!


Photograph by Margot Surr

You can see all events in Earth Week at:  

P.S. Have I mentioned that it’s Spring Concert this Saturday and then Honor’s Tea this Sunday? 🙂 It’s going to be a long great week!


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  1. I loved to read your great post man, i think that it is realy a true what you are saying in it, but at the same time i want to read more and more posts that you are making on your blog or site. Thank you very much and i will be back soon.


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